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Dear netizens. I have decided to close down this website and pursue greener pastures. StreamMe.TV taught me PHP/MySQL, and a little bit about affiliate and optimization. Shortly after being banned by google adsense in 2007, I ceased most work on the website. We managed to get lots of traffic all the time anyways. If you're looking for a reliable outsource service for web design, check out these various links.

In 2007 I made StreamMe.TV a hybrid myspace + youtube with server-side video encoding and ajax profile editing. It was cool but the code was crap and it was unscalable. I learned PHP/MySQL on this site and it changed my life. Shortly after launching I just couldn't afford the hosting bill so I moved back to shared hosting and started embedding third party content. Adsense banned me because of a almost-porn video and I missed their email, got banned and decided to build a porn site.

With over 1,000,000 visitors I'd make about 160$, I didn't like the industry and I didn't enjoy working in the porn industry. I neglected the site for several years. Now I have 5 employees and we're operating an outsourcing firm for website design and development dedicated to high-quality websites. My entire background is SEO so I know what it takes. Besides that, we're making themes.

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For agency quality website design and development utilizing W3C valid HTML5, responsive design, PHP, MySQL and jQuery, check these ones out:

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